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Trauma Coach 

Trauma Recovery Coaching options 

Are you struggling to recover from a traumatic experience? Our trauma recovery coaching program offers personalized support and guidance to help you heal and move forward. Our experienced coaches are trained in evidence-based trauma recovery techniques and can help you navigate the challenges of trauma recovery.


We offer three different options to suit your needs:


1. Trauma Recovery Coaching 1-on-1: Our one-on-one coaching program provides personalized support and guidance as you work through the impacts of trauma. We will work with you to develop a custom recovery plan and provide ongoing support and accountability to help you achieve your goals.


2. Trauma Recovery Group Coaching: Our group coaching program offers a supportive and collaborative environment for trauma recovery. You will connect with others who have experienced trauma and work together to develop coping strategies and build resilience.


3. Trauma Recovery Self-Guided Course: Our online self-guided course offers a flexible and accessible way to work through trauma recovery. You will have access to evidence-based techniques and resources to help you heal and move forward. (Coming soon)


Become a Trauma Recovery Coach

Are you passionate about helping others heal from trauma? Our trauma recovery coach training program will give you the knowledge and skills to support others on their healing journey. You will learn evidence-based techniques and strategies for working with trauma survivors and gain practical experience through supervised coaching sessions.


Join our trauma recovery coaching program and start your journey to helping other heal and recover from the aftermath of trauma today! 

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